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Vietnam will upgrade ZSU-23-4

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Vietnam should manufacturing equipment army: knife combat, airsoft, binoculars, shovel army, vest tactical, flashlight, food army, outdoor tools... export, for increase earn economic for military.
Vietnam will repurchase all warship/boat navy decommissioned/old generation from Russia Navy.
US - Japan - Korea - India will aid all warship/boat navy decommissioned/old generation for Vietnam maintain freedom maritime in South China Sea.

In the future, Vietnam will import much weapon important and expensive from US - Japan - Korea - India.
List modern weapons of Vietnam (prominence):

+ Assault rifle: Galil, Tavor, GK-1, GK-3
+ Automatic grenade launcher: none (old version)
+ MANPAD: none (old version)
+ Anti-tank missile personnel system: none (old version).
+ Sub-machine gun: very much
+ Machine gun: Neveg
+ Grenade gun: SPL-6, OPL40M
+ Sniper rifle: very much
+ Handgun: K-14, Corner shoot
+ Mortar: CTA-50
+ Anti-tank gun personel: RPG-29, MATADOR
+ Main battle tank: T-90
+ Artillery rocket system: Extra, Accular
+ Air-defen missile system: S-300, Spyder
+ Coast-defen missile system: K-300 Bastion-P
+ Warship: Gepard 3.9, TT-400 TP, Taraltul, Pohang-class
+ Submarine: Kilo 363
+ Attack aircraft: Su-30
+ Radar: very much
+ Binocular: Jim LR
+ Towed artillery: MT-12
+ Self-propelled artillery: none
+ Armoured personnel carrier: none
+ Infantry fighting vehicle: none
+ Attack helicopter: none
+ Transport aircraft: C-295, NC-212i
+ Transport helicopter: very much
+ Patrol ship/boat: DN-2000, Metal-shark, Spa-4207, Hamilton
+ Rescue ship: Yet Kieu
+ Patrol aircraft: CASA C-212
+ Training ship: Le Quy Don
+ Hospital ship: Khanh Hoa
+ Helicopter hunt submarine: Ka-28
+ Transport ship: Roro 5612
+ UAV: ScanEagle, Orbiter
+ Equipment comunication: very much
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Vietnam should order 40 T-90, 20 BMP-3, 30 BTR-82 from Russia, for receive transfer technology manufacturing:
9K115 Metis
9K121 Vikhr
9M113 Konkurs
9M117 Bastion
9M119 Svir/Refleks
9M120 Ataka
9M123 Khrizantema
9M133 Kornet
Vietnam should order 500 BTR-4 APC from Ukraine, equipment for naval infantry. But, Vietnam will manufacturing BTR-4 at Vietnam, with technology transfer from Ukraine. Special is technology manufacturing engine 3TD from Malyshev factory.
Vietnam must order 50 Yak-152 from Russia. But, with condition, Russia accept transfer technology manufacturing engine RED A03 Diesel for Vietnam.

Vietnam need technology manufacturing engine RED A03 Diesel for project research UAV patrol South China Sea.
Vietnam should order 50 CB90 class fast assault craft from Sweden. Vietnam need technology manufacturing engine and waterjet from Sweden for project research and manufacturing patrol boat in South China Sea.
Vietnam should research - manufacturing/buy license about: engine, touch screen control panel, camera... equipment for vehicles military.

This products can supply for domestic companies technology, decrease import from foreign. Increase localization rate for product industry of country. Employment-creating effects for Vietnamese.
Vietnam should buy license and receive transfer technology from Korea/Sweden/ Ukraine/India, to manufacturing transporter tank KM1002 (KIA), special is engine D6CA turbocharged diesel engine from Huyndai.

In the future, Vietnam soon have factory manufacturing all size truck vehicle for purpose military and civil, with localization rate 100%, can manufacturing from A to Z all details of vehicle.
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In the future, Vietnam should order aircraft to list:

+ 20 Su-34 (With condition transfer technology manufacturing Kh-38; Kh-29)
+ 20 Su 35 (R-74; R-77; R-37)
+ 20 Su-57 (Kh-101; Kh-47; Kh-58)
+ 20 Su-25 (KAB-1500)
+ 10 Mi-28 (S-13 120mm; 2A42 30mm)
+ 10 Ka-52 (GSh-6-30; GSh-30-2)
From 2020 to 2030, Vietnam will order Russia buils much warship of projects (21631, 21820, 20385, 22160, 12700, 11356, 22350, 20381, 22800, 20386, 11711). Help Russia have full financial continue invest and research new projects.

Power naval Vietnam increase and similar Russian Navy. Russia will transfer much technology build warship to Vietnam (naval gun, missile, engine, radar, system control...)
In the future, Russian army will replace all old equipment by new equipment.

Vietnam should repurchase all old equipment backup in warehouse of Russia: binocular, gas mask, gloves, hand watch, knife, shovel, boot, tactical vest, camouflage clothes, compass, vision, scope, headphone, portable transceiver, helmet, bulletproof vest, bottle water, protection google, backpack, flashlight, cartridge, scabbard, cartridge belt, cartridge ball, magazines pouches, equipment case, handgun holster... all thing.

Help Russian army have financial manufacturing new equipment. Increase rapid quantity equipment high quality of Russia in backup warehouse of Vietnam army with cheap cost. Decrease quantity and cost maintain old equipment in warehouse of Russia. Russia will support Vietnam technology manufacturing equipment for army.

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Vietnam should dissolve Forest Service, handover mission management forest for Vietnam People's Army (VPA).

Vietnam Forest Service (VFS) is very bad. They can not protect forest. Cost for operation of VFS each year very high, but not effective.

Forest is main environment warfare of VPA when have status war. In wars, soldiers Vietnam always operating in forest.

But now, Forest destroyed critical, soldiers Vietnam are not use to operations in forest. They live in big barracks near area city, full facilities and food. In barracks, they have: laptop, game PC, Youtube, social network, Wi-fi, smartphone... They have much free time, but salary very low.

So, I think, they should camping field combat in forest all the while military service.

In environment forest, they will training, living, protecting resource forest, extermination: poaching, smuggling, human trafficking, crossing, crime, rebel, espionage, commando, reactionary.

Government will additional salary for them, after dissolve VFS.
Vietnam should repurchase license and 100% technology manufacturing towed howitzer KH-179 155mm from Korea, and suggest Korea support building factory - production line, transfer technology for Vietnam. KH-179 have some accident, but not important.

In the future, Vietnam can buy technology manufacturing FH-2000 or SLWH Pegasus of Singapore.
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Vietnam should suggest Caterpillar and Cummins invest - building factory manufacturing machinery in Vietnam. Vietnam will support land building and free-tax 100% on earning from 5 to 10 years, with employees cost in Vietnam very low, and can export products to countries in Asia with shipping cost reasonable. Caterpillar and Cummins can job creation for Vietnamese, help development market machinery. And support Vietnam Army technology manufacturing machinery and building much large factory.

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Vietnam should repurchase production line Soltam M-71 155mm from Israel.
KH178 105 mm towed artillery of Korea very cheap. Vietnam should repurchase license and technology manufacturing this howitzer.