Quote/Poem A Soldier went to heaven

John A Silkstone

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Jul 11, 2004
By D McDonald

A soldier was risen to heaven and stood at the pearly gates
As St Peter looked at him with regret he knew he looked a state
“Excuse me” he said in his defence “I have just come from the war”
“I did not ask to come so soon to enter through your door”
“I do not think I am ready I have done some awful things”
“I do not go to your church on earth and hymns I never sing”
“A life I took though in defence for they were trying to take mine”
“I have regretted having killed that man it is not a trait of mine”

“I have drank too much but just to forget the horrors I have seen”
“I have used such language you could not condone about the places I have been”
“I have taken women to my bed looking for the solace I never found”
“I have slandered the people who fought so hard for a piece of worthless ground”
“I have done so much to offend your God and had no time to repent”
“My love for God has been tested well with the time I have spent”
“I question even now how he could have let the world be so very wrong”
“There is always somewhere you will find a country with war going on”

“So no defence can I present I suppose I fought my countries wars”
“If you want to ask me why they occurred I don’t really know what for”
“I took an oath to my Queen and I held that in my heart and head”
“Now I stand before you here I am quite obviously dead”
St Peter looked to the soldier no malice or hate in his eyes
“Do not be so hard upon yourself you are not a man I would despise”
“Indeed in honour you have lived, your debt to God you know”
“But before you pass into his house you must first to yourself forgiveness show”

“You can’t blame God for what man has done, man chooses his own path”
“With that he takes some blindly along but that is over for you at last”
“Forgive yourself of all you have said you repent by knowing it all”
“Then take my hand proud honoured soldier and I will take you into Gods hall”.


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