Quote/Poem The British Soldier Goes To War

Billy Little

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Feb 18, 2012
This poem was my first one ..

The British Soldier goes to War
(written by Billy Little) 6th June 2007

The soldier stands upright
As rigid as a pole
Better being a fighting man
Than being on the dole

He took his country shilling
And off to war he went
Leaving behind his loved ones
With treasured words he meant

Going out on Patrol keeping the peace
On the crowded streets of hatred
Landmines buried on dusty roads
In a Civil War they have created

A six month tour is very long
The days go ever so slow
The snipers are watching and waiting
For the soldiers to come out on show

The crack is what the soldier hears
The thud is what he will feel
The pain from the snipers bullet
This will be excruciating unreal

He is touched by human suffering
His sleep pattern is disturbed
He will deeply mourn the people killed
He will be shaken and badly stirred

Now homeward bound he will go
To forget the horrors he did see
Let`s remember him with pride
My soldier son is home and safe with me

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