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Jun 2, 2017
u.s.specials forces when vietnam war era used worn unifrom local military or militant and camau face,it seems like them,when operation with them,some use enemy unifrom.
but now in iraq and afgan u.s.forces operation with local military or militant not use unifrom lik them,enemy easier shoot u.s.force,u.s.force more important and
precious than them,u.s.force is foreigners not people in land and kill u.s.force for psychology action more effective than them.why u.s.troops new era not used like unifrom local military or militant or enemy unifrom?
I get the general sense and question of this, so you’re asking why aren’t the US forces in Astan or Iraq using local uniforms to combat there? Like they did in Vietnam?

They use camouflage of course... according to the terrain they are fighting in. It totally makes sense to wear white in snowy regions, beige in the desert, dark green in the forest/wood...
Ah fine. I wasn’t too sure and confident about what he was asking...
I think he is trying to ask why they aren't dressing up as insurgents ...

1) Many different air forces looking to bomb anyone that looks like an insurgent; *
2) Many rival insurgent groups that are at war with each other;
3) But most importantly: The people that do dress up as insurgents are meant to blend in so even if some journo happened to take a picture you wouldn't know any better than them being anything other than just another terrorist. It's well above our pay grade to know about these black ops.

* In the jungles of Vietnam with it's dense canopy, limited IR technology and just a single air force out to get you this was far less of a threat.

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