Politics Turmoil in Tunisia


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Feb 20, 2020

Troops entered the capital of Tunisia, borders and airports closed.
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« Turmoil » has become quite trendy lately, so when is the long expected Revolution or WW3 coming?

Seriously it seems these days most people don’t hold much of a grudge against other nations but their own governments.
Many Twitter accounts from the UAE and Saudi Arabia are reported to have posted messages in support of the "coup" attempt in Tunisia.
So I'll try to explain things and what happened
after the election El Nahdha(MBH) came up as the first party in parliament but with very weak majority they tried to form a government but they failed so it's up to the president(an independent) to form the government with the help of the parliament so Fakhfakh was chosen and formed a government that included El Nahdha and other parties... things went smoothly ofc with a bit of problems but the usual stuff until tensions between El Nahdha and most of the government parties risen, so El Nahdha allied itself with a more extreme islamist small party (they're formally from Ennahdha but extremists ) and a big corrupt party that the president hated and started rumors and allegation that the Prime minister had conflict of interests and corrupt (which was proven to be false afterward) and they decided to down the government mid pandemic... so the president had to choose another PM and he did choose Mechichi a technocrat and a technocrat government was formed and worked for only a month until El Nahdha and her allies decided that they want to be in the government so they convinced (no one knows how) Mechichi to become aligned with them and he did make a major government reshuffle and kicked out all ministers that the president chose or seemed to align with him only to replace them with people from the El Nahdha and its coalition and many of them are controversial specially the ones from the corrupt party Qalb tounes who have allegations and running cases of corruption so the president refused to allow them to swear oath to him which made them unable to be appointed as ministers and the government became mostly with intern ministers and many ministries seats are vacant so everyone expected Mechichi to resign and a new PM be appointed but EL Nahdha refused that ,so the country stayed almost a year virtually without government until this forth wave of Covid 19 hit and it was a disaster which angered most Tunisians which demanded the resignation of gvrmnt (if this gov resign the president can dissolve the parliament that's why El Nahdha refused let him do so or even pull confidence of him despite he's epic fails) and started to protests 25 july demanding the dissolve of parliament and resignation of PM Mechichi . The parliament had no popularity since they could not agree on anything and were always infighting... so the president who already warned them to use article 80 (which grant him major powers ) announced the freezing of parliament for 30 days and deposed PM Mechichi and declared that he will take all executive powers for this duration and he will appoint a new PM...
the controversial is article 80 state that the president of republic can have a significant powers (basically the country becomes from a semi presidential/parliament system to full presidential) when a threat to the country's security and integrity or a threat to it's people and their security accrued but the parliament have to be in permanent state of assembling and he can't make motions against the government and PM... but the president take is that the threat came from the parliament itself and from PM so he can freeze them and remove PM... the problem is there's no constitutional court which monitors any violation to the constitution and revoke any decisions against it because of El Nahdha and other parties could not agree on members since 2014 and the delay to established finishes in 2016. so according to constitution the president is the one who validate such things.
this is a great thread that explains some missinfos
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