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Jul 18, 2019

I've recently been researching my ancestry and have discovered a whole load of family members who were in the military. This includes both Ww1 and ww2, including many fallen ones. I have recently found out my grandfather joined the army prior to ww2 serving in both India and Egypt. He lost an eye during ww2.

I am only a beginner and get very confused with some of the military lingo so please be patient.

My current research focuses are North Staffordshire Regiment, Grenadier guards, Westminster Dragoons ( flail tanks) and 25 Royal Artillery. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Of course any resources I have which maybe of use to others, very willing to help.

Welcome to Mi.Net @mrsfathippy you are most welcome here.
Perhaps if you gave a little more information about your relatives our profound researchers @28th61st & @28TH61ST+ONE could help you out.

Thanks for joining us and I hope you will see fit to share anything you find here for others to see. :)
Welcome @mrsfathippy , I hope you are able to expand your knowledge of your families history (Y)

Thanks for the welcome. I never realised I had so many relatives who died in the wars.

Researching Trooper John Edmund Sherratt Westminster Dragoons, he drove a flail tank.
Also Jeremiah Barker North Staffords Kia 3 October 1915.

There are so many but for now focusing on my great grandfather Jerry and my husband's grandfather Eddy.

Any help appreciated.


If he was killed on 3 October 1915 I suspect that it may have been at Loos.

My grandfather was wounded during the fighting for Hill 70 there a few days prior to that.
Oops meant to say 13th not 3rd. He died defending Richebourg St Vaast. The war diary says the Germans fired gas into the town.


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