Politics Trudeau has disgraced the Commonwealth

His wife needs relief.

Both Aussie and NZ leftwing PM wives have abandoned them. The libtard press will never contemplate what that means in terms of no family values
OK, but Trump cheated on at least one wife that we know about and let's be honest - likely two. Boris Johnson cheated on his first wife at least four times with different women that are publically known about and got two of them pregnant.
OK then Canadian NZ and Aussie conservative leaders married with kids.
Trudeau & Macron no kids.
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I honestly wouldn’t care at all if both of them had an affair based on Internet rumors even though those photos and body language are dubious. I also abhor these two but this dictator assessment is a tad hyperbolic.

I don’t judge politicians based on who they sleep with, especially those with so-called strong family values like a few French ones that were caught cheating, or sexting with some internet minx.

Okay, just for the sake of jest, remember when Melania Trump and Justin got a bit too close, to the dismay of Donald:

To me she is thinking of kneeing him in the groin. Note how Trump is surrounded Aussie and Canadian back stabbers. Originally because Trump tipped their Free US trade access ideas into the trash. And that anti China policy he had. Trump correct on both counts. China decided to drop the facade and well numerous corporate now have factories Stateside. They'll never admit he was right.
It's official ..he takes the boabie

And the comments on hid insta ..are gold .
^^ If watching a film with your son makes you gay then my dad and I were gay as S**t. My brother too, because he went to watch Barbie last week with my nephew and nieces.
I heard a conservative US talk show guy on Sunday give a good review of the Barbie movie.

I'm going to have to say that I'm reserving judgement until/if I see it. Same as for Indy....

Turned out I really liked the latest Indiana Jones movie.
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There was all kinds of secrets going back and forth, IIRC.

I‘ve read a few books on the Manhattan Project, Trinity, etc.