The first Chechen company

Children are a powerful driving force, we would find ourselves doing the crazy things in any environment to protect them.
This is a very cool one. A German soldier lights the cigarette of a wounded British soldier at a British field hospital during the Battle of Épehy, 1918. (I remember this photograph from Imperial War Museum, taken by Lt. T. K. Aitken, war photographer).

A Marine medic tends to a wounded child as his mother bows low in gratitude, Saipan, by W. Eugene Smith, 1944.

Consider the following

In Saipan there were two problems. First, there was the Japanese determination to resist to the death and to not allow the American occupiers to take either soldier or civilian alive: the greatest banzai charge of the war took place on Saipan and left over four thousand Japanese soldiers dead
A direct order was given by the Emperor Hirohito ordering civilians on the island to kill themselves rather than be taken alive. This order has, in the post-war period, been contested as a forgery, but the evidence seems to be in its favour.

And it makes this so much more of a miracle and rare sight