Politics The Death Penalty debate

What's got alcohol?
In the UK, maybe. I doubt this statement holds true elsewhere. It certainly doesn't do in Germany.
thing is if you never try it you are never going to know

I always think back to CB radio - when it was illegal in the UK everyone and their dog had one - as soon as it was legal no one was interested anymore

take the thrill out of drugs by making it legal and cheap - those who take it will drift away from it once the thrill of getting an illegal fix is gone

just look how many die in Scotland each year

you only have to look how successful prohibition was in the US
Those types also have alcohol. Arguable more domestic violence is attributed to that according to police own statistics yet they never say ban it.
Other side effects, depression, insomnia and death or injury under the influence.
the government make a fortune out of tax on beer and spirits - will never get banned for that reason - also keeps the populous half cut

Just think what revenue they could make out of cheap drugs............
Takes 4 months to from sewn till harvest here and fully circumvents Taxicinder. Grows literally like a weed.
I am for death penalty for all bad and corrupt politicians...most despicable criminals of all

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