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What's the status of Romania's adoption of the ARX160?

Romanian Army soldiers deploy a HAWK PIP III R ground-to-air missile launch pad during a joint military exercise with the US Army that aimed to test the interoperability of U.S. and Romanian armed forces in the event of a missile attack, near Corbu village in Constanta county, Romania, November 8, 2016. Inquam Photos/Ovidiu Micsik/via REUTERS
Land Forces Gepard SPAAGs conduct their first night live fire at Bemowo Piskie Training Area. 2021
May 15th, 2023 - Last flight of the MiG 21 LanceR at Baza 71 Aeriană "General Emanoil Ionescu", Forţele Aeriene Române.
After 61 years of faithful service for the Romanian Air Force in various variants, the MiG 21 has ceased operations.
We are happy to have been able to document part of its history and for participating at the retirement ceremony hosted by Baza 71 Aeriană "General Emanoil Ionescu", the place where we befriended and spent the most time together with the MiG and its people.
We thank everyone who made it possible for us to document a small part of this plane's history in Romania and that along all these years, toghether with all the people in the Romanian Air Force, we were able to publish unique images with this legendary airplane.
Photos: Adrian Virusu
Graphic: Bogdan Pop





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