One Against Pillar German Tanks. And One In Field Warrior


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Feb 19, 2010
Nikolai Sirotinin - one against pillar German tanks. And one in field warrior

This was real hell. Tanks if they burned at one for other. Lighter, pryatavshayasya for pimped out and armored, uh, laying. Commanders in displeased and not can understand source of Horse ceasefire. Seems, hits a whole the. The fire scoring the. In German strings - 59 tanks, tens of SMG infantry and motorcyclists. And the entire this might powerless before fire Russians. Where have created this the? NIE were reporting to, that path open. Where the not yet knew, that on their path is worth one the only soldiers, that and one in field warrior, if he Russian.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Sirotinin was born in 1921 year in city of Oriol. Before the war worked on factory “FC Zvolma-Spartak Kostroma ” in points. 22 June 1941 under the air raid was wounded. Wound was legke, and through a few days his directed on Front — in district Kricheva, in composition 55 th rifle regiment 6 th Rifle command a division man on the ground tools.

On Bank small river Dobrost, indicating the have sela Sokolnichi, the, where served Nikolai Sirotinin, stood in line for about two weeks. For this time fighters typically recognized contact with residents sela, and Nikolai Sirotinin FotoKunst them quiet urbane ten millionth kid. "Nikolai was very urbane, always helped elderly women with booking water from wells and in other difficult work" - was thinking about this Zenoviy sela Olga Verzhbitskaya.

17 July 1941 his shooting supposedly overpowered really veered. Senior Sergeant Sirotinin voluntarily volunteered hide retreat.

Sirotinin is located about on hill in dense rye have kolkhoznoy stabling, that teetered alongside home Anna Poklad. With this position well are visible somehow highways, valleys the, bridge. When at dawn drags German tanks, Nikolai undermined conundrum machine and the contestant, that zamykala convoy, form the cork on the road. Thereby, task was carried out, tank the column was stopped because. Sirotinin could would stray to its, but he remained - after all he had still about 60 missile. On one of versions of, initially remained cover departure command a division two man - Sirotinin and commander his batteries, which stood have bridge and pulses the fire. However then his hurt, and he resigned to its, and Sirotinin remained to wage battle one.

Two the tank tried to steal parent tank with bridge, but, too, were've got wounded down there. Armored Personal Carrier machine attempted to overcome small river Dobrost not on the bridge. But is mired in bolotistom lead, where and its found another round. Nikolai could only shoot and could only shoot, kicking down tank for tank. Germans accounted for to shoot at random, so as they could not determine his the location. For 2.5 hours battlefield Nikolai Sirotinin relatively all attacks enemy, destroying 11 tanks, 7 vehicles, 57 soldiers and officers.

When fascists increasingly-??? took to stance Nicholas Sirotinina, have him remained only three projectiles. Offered to give up. Nikolai responded get all shooty on him from HMS carabiner.

Aubert's voice is-lieutenant of 4 th Tank command a division Khenfeld released in diary: “17 July 1941. Sokolnichi, near Kricheva. On the evening were burying unknown Russian soldier. He one stood have gun, long has executed convoy tanks and the infantry, so and died. All wondered his courage. Colonel ((Colonel) before grave spoke, that if would all soldiers Fuehrer fight, as this Russian, then have won would the whole world. Three times blasted away zalpami from rifles. All-??? he Russian, need whether such genuflect? ”

Olga Verzhbitskaya was thinking about this:
"In the second half of days Germans gathered have seats, where teetered gun. There same forced come and us, local inhabitants. Me, as "German language, chief German with Orders of ordered to transfer. He said, that so should soldiers defend his homeland - Fatherland (history novel). Then from pocket shirts of our of slain soldier strapon medallion with memo, who yes where. Chief German said me: “the pace and write spoken native. Let mother knows, somehow hero was its son and as he died. ” I Glo this do. Then company registration 89063 in grave and covering Soviet cloak-( stopping body Sirotinina German young officer torn I have of paper and medallion and something rudely said. "

Where the still long after the funeral stood have gun and graves in the midst of Kolkhozniy field, not without admiration counting remain and embody.


This sketch portrait was made on memory only in 1990’s one of chthonic Nicholas Sirotinina.

Family Sirotinina learned of his assault only in 1958 year from the publication in "Ogonke."
In 1961 have highways near villages imposed a monument: “Here at dawn 17 July 1941 Has entered martial art with column fascist tanks and in 2: 00 back combat relatively all attacks enemy senior Sergeant – an artilleryman Nikolai Vladimirovich Sirotinin, who gave his his life for freedom and independence our the Motherland. ”


Dominicano church on fraternal grave, where buried Nikolai Sirotinin

After the war Sirotinina posthumously awarded with Patriotic war, I extent. And here is to thereby Hero of Soviet Union so and not presented. For formalizing the documents need a was photograph Koli. Its not proved. Here is that on this about recalled birth sister Nicholas Sirotinina Taisiya Shestakova:

- Wu us was the only his card, with passports. But in evacuation in eleven mother has already given its increase. And master its lost! All our neighbors has brought fulfilled orders, and us there is no. We very've grieved.

- you knew, that Kohl one stopped panzer division he passed training? And why he not received Hero of?

- We learned in 61 st year, when krichevskie Local historian being hunted down grave Koli. Before. I in Belarus the entire family. Krichevtsy called, to to imagine Kohl to thereby Hero of Soviet Union. Only in vain: For formalizing the documents necessarily was need a his photograph, modicum any. And have us same its no! So and not gave Kohl Hero of. In Belarus his feat known. And very it's a shame, that in native points about him little who knows. Even puny the alley his name not called.

However, was more a good reason refusal - to thereby hero should represent directly command, what done not was.

Name Nicholas Sirotinina called the street in Kricheve, school – garden and D. the team in Sokolnichakh.

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