Politics NZ bans new smokers!

@Gaz to try to make some simplicity out of the comment above:

The current government recently passed a law changing the ownership of watercare assets in NZ (water pipes, sewerage, processing plants, etc.). There was a lot of ideological disagreement over this (yes the things we get excited about in NZ). The opposition said that when they come into government (looking very likely at this point for late next year) that they would repeal this new law. A not insignificant chunk of Labours MP's were very bought into this asset ownership change.

At some point during the passage of the law a part of the law changed to be "entrenched", i.e. to make so that it could only be repealed if more than 60% of parliament voted against it. Entrenchment is reserved for constitutional matters (e.g. number of MPs, length of parliament terms, geographic composition of seats and so forth). Not for ideological matters, the principle being that no parliament can bind the actions of a subsequent one. (It is also a factor of NZ's MMP electoral system that it's very unlikely any future government coalition would ever reach 60% control of parliament, the current status is a fluke from the COVID election).

This was against Crown Law advice, advice from the other government ministries and (apparently) the advice of the Solicitor General (also a Labour MP). And yet it went through Cabinet and was agreed upon.

When people noticed this (and this was before it was passed into legislation) and kicked up a stink, Arden had a sudden outbreak of amnesia, claimed at first that she wasn't there, then that she didn't remember, then that it wasn't something she'd pay attention to, etc. etc. etc. and that no-one in her cabinet was to blame for the clause being in the bill. (Mainly because the person who inserted it has a great deal of political clout in cabinet and can't be disciplined or demoted except at great cost to the PM). The clause was subsequently removed from the bill prior to it becoming law, with a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who had put it in there in the first place.

It's hardly Watergate but it is indicative of a loss of power by the PM, she has a substantial chunk of her cabinet that she can't/won't control. She can't take responsibility for it, but she can't allocate it either.
The outright and arbitrary ban isn't the way to go, imho. Especially when it comes to products that are consumed in large quantities.

Instead, make it harder to acquire and provide (through prices and taxes), impose restrictions on where the product can be acquired and consumed, and patiently wait for the habit to develop to the point of disappearing.
Regarding smoking, that's what Europe did for instance. And it works, though it got replaced by vaping, which is, arguably, not necessarily healthier.

Other countries have more stringent approaches, only made successful by the very culturally embedded obedience of the population: Japan.
You have signs on the pavement telling you it is forbidden to smoke, and subject to a fine if caught. Dropping your cigarette butt in the street is also forbidden and subject to a fine (in addition to being equated to loitering, which is frowned upon and a very big no-no in Japan).
Was going down anyway. While under Cinderellas watch gangs are flourished instead. How about meth also flourishing.
Its a bit like a distraction...same as the zero pest thing. But the principle of it stinks of her usual virtue control.
Her parents are awful neighbors from what I've heard. Telling the farmer next door how to run his business. Its her nature.
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Mahuta, minster overseeing and passing into legislation the great five waters heist introduced further legislation to fill holes in her first bill including $25,000 fine for not following her water restrictions.
25 k for over watering your tomato plant... no joke that is your liability.
S**t passing the gun theft, ban on gas exploration et al was just warm ups.
I am sad to see the stuff going on down there.…. Sorry to see a former brother colony go down a bad road.
The new legislation sets out provisions for charging for water services, and a hefty system of fines for people who break water restrictions - up to $20,000 for an individual or $100,000 for a body corporate.
The fines are even more hefty for people who disconnect from a stormwater system without permission - up to $200,000 for an individual and up to $1.5 million for a body corporate.
NZ the experimental colony.

Banning cellphones at school Luxon says is not 'political or ideological'​

On Newstalk Luxon said it is a 'common sense policy' to ban cellphones at school.

Asked if he was making this decision on behalf of schools so they don't receive backlash from parents and caregivers, Luxon said "It just makes it easier for the school".

"It's logical common sense - not political or ideological."

One gets to the place where one can no longer point fingers at authoritarian states such as China.

Funny that the ban smokers, guns and human interaction labour party have come out swinging in favor of kids with phones,.. learn about transgender sexualization during history class etc..
To be honest, banning phones at school isn't a bad idea, per say.

Lots of students and pupils are just 27/7 with their nose stuck to their phone and are not paying attention to their surroundings, and especially not to what the teacher is saying. I won't linger on the various weaknesses kids are developing because of that.

So, yeah, it is good in that aspect.

The problem I have though is how it is defended with the blanket "it's just common sense" argument.

Not only would anybody have a hard giving a proper definition of what "common sense" is, let alone two individuals agreeing on a common definition for that matter; but the term itself has lost any meaning and weight ages ago.

What even is common sense nowadays? Generally speaking that is.

And who is that even who is talking about common sense to begin with? New Zealand? Really? After the recent policies they adopted and the behavior they had during covid?
It's like listening to a Democrat, with deeply rooted and non-repudiated roots to the KKK, talking about racism is bad and lecturing you on dignity.
Our literacy and numeracy levels are under the floor boards. They tossed out phonics and now want them back. Learning Maori takes precedence. If you have a little Maori class in your garage you'll get anything you need form the ministry of education. All you need to do is have the kids do a dance.. you get more money. I am not kidding.
Our literacy and numeracy levels are under the floor boards. They tossed out phonics and now want them back. Learning Maori takes precedence. If you have a little Maori class in your garage you'll get anything you need form the ministry of education. All you need to do is have the kids do a dance.. you get more money. I am not kidding.
Bull S**t it takes precedence.
The problems really seem to have started when various governments decided that 30+ kids to 1 teacher was an acceptable ratio and then this cluster f#$% of "open classrooms" and "self directed learning" was imposed.
Yes some kids thrive in the new schooling, but alot don't, and with that teacher ratio alot slip through the cracks.
The teachers just don't have time to help the ones that might be struggling or even time to identify them so that they can let the parents know they are struggling.
Combine all of that with the socio-economic experiments that seem to happen here and violà the S**t show we have now
Literacy, numeracy, etc... levels are hitting rock bottom in most western countries anyway.
Well if you want something radical. ACT want each student to have an account of $250k that the parent decides where to spend it. Act is in favor of charter schools and the schools will base teacher salaries on their results. They can also wipe out 1/4 billion wasted at the ministry of education each year. If you go overseas your account is frozen. They seem to have studied the finer details.
Let the teachers rest their pay rate on what system they want to use to get results. This delegation of decision will finally be based on real results. Pretty sure it will soon see the end of wasteful socio economic frivolous time when the trip to Fiji is on the line.. teachers union sunk.
Seymour would be caste as our own trumpian racists villain if they read half of his policies. Only problem for them is he is the perfect debater.
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Lost most of my respect for Seymour when he was too busy grandstanding in front of the media to actually get in the chamber and cast his no vote during the Arms Amendment Bill.
In court, Colfo's lawyer Jack Hodder Kings Council said gun and ammunition owners' property rights had been "extinguished".

"All the property rights of value are gone."