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Jan 18, 2021
Hey everyone. May be a long shot, but I'm trying all I can to locate any photo of a Marine LVT(A)-4 coded A-13. This "amtank" was with the 3rd(3d) Armored Amphibian (^"Tractor") Battalion (Provisional), under the direction of 1st Marines, 1st Division. Previously known as the III Amphibious Corps. The "3d" in parenthesis was sometimes used interchangeably with "3rd." The word "tractor" in parenthesis is sometime found in the battalion's name between the words "Amphibian" and "Battalion." Battalion is commonly seen abbreviated as simply "Bn" as well. The battalion's name is also sometimes followed by the word "Provisional," which when found in the Battalion's name, is almost always itself in parenthesis.

This particular "amtank" was one of the first to hit the beach (Orange Beach 1) at Peleliu on Sept. 14, 1944. It was outfitted with the 75mm as its main weapons system, and I know it was still active for the attack on Ngesebus island that took place on September 28-29th, 1944. As mentioned above, it was coded A-13, although I'm not sure it had its code marked in large white stenciling on the side like some did. It would've been on the tank somewhere however and was usually decided upon by the crew themselves. This particular "amtank" would've also had two antennas on it. As all "amtanks" had one radio, but those with an officer in them had 2. This one had an officer in it. It was part of "Able"(A)- Company, Third platoon. There were 4 Companies-- A,B,C,D that consisted of 18 amphibious tanks each.

1-5 = 1st platoon
6-10 = 2nd platoon
11-15 = 3rd platoon
16-18 = Headquarter tractors

If anyone could help me, I would be forever indebted to you! Thank you!

(My Grandfather was the driver of A-13 and was shot when a round penetrated the driver's compartment during the attack of Ngesebus Island.)
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