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Jan 3, 2024
Thanks for the welcome. I'm Ian and my interest is in documenting the military remains in and around Scapa Flow.

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The Port War Signal Station at Stanger Head, Flotta, Scapa Flow,Orkney Islands. Completed around 1938, this was a replacement for the two separate signal stations built of timber (dating from WW1) that once stood here and on West Hill, 3km to the northwest. The movements of all shipping in and out of Scapa Flow were monitored and controlled from this building. Nearby are the remains of numerous structures including an engine house, radio transmitter buildings, air raid shelters, searchlight buildings, anti-aircraft emplacements, accommodation blocks, and water storage tanks. Quarrying of the stone used for the construction of the Flotta oil terminal has largely obliterated the sites of two WW1 coast artillery batteries and a WWII radar installation. The temple-like structure is the base of a raised water storage tank; the metalwork has rusted and collapsed.
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