Intro Happy to see the fellas still going.


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Apr 10, 2018
Hey guys I’ve been a follower since days, I saw AARB fall apart and glad I saw the post to come over here. Great work on this site and like I said it’s great to see the fellas are still kickin’
Hello mate and glad to have you aboard :)
Personally did TAARB fall apart?, I don't believe so, just made themselves stronger in these times of Social Media and by doing so made Mi.Net stronger too.

Were you a member of TAARB?, if so you may have a TAARB banner and the Trophy points that go with it mil-smile02
I wasn’t a member but I was a daily lurker. After the years of checking out everyone’s work and efforts I thought I’d let myself be known and show some appreciation.
Hey Welcome aboard. Bombardier its doing a great job around here. So I am sure you will have a lot of fun and will receive good pictures and information from around the globe !!!
Welcome @Roundose ! I'm glad you made yourself known here, hoping to see some stuff from you mate. And no, AARB didnt' fall apart mate we just advanced in a different direction :p

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