Multinational Exercise Crystal Arrow 23 takes place from 20-31 March 2023 in Camp Ādaži military training area in Latvia.







1.600 German soldiers have been sent to Wadi Seidna Air Base in Sudan to evacuate German citizens from the war-torn country. The German Army wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that it had also extraced 500 citizens of 30 other nations, inviting any foreigners in the country not yet rescued to come forward. The German government has told parliament that it means to continue the operation until May 31 if need be. The mandate bill also authorises the German military to secure German diplomatic facilities in Sudan and retrieve valuable items or documents. (dpa)
The German Air Force and its Israeli counterpart commemorating the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel over Tel Aviv

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At the risk of sounding melodramatic … If Germans and Israelis could come together, all the peoples of the world can. But they have to want to do it.
Type 212A Batch II-class diesel-electric attack submarine U-36 (S-186).

Type 212A Batch I-class diesel-electric submarine U-33 (S-183) diving

Type 212A-class diesel-electric attack submarine
I see a lot of good equipment and gear in this thread. Yet, anytime I talk or interact with a German they say they are weak and could not conduct any kind of real combat operation.
Well … the German Army has no materiel reserves, and equipment availability rates averaging 70%. Bureaucracy is the undoing of the force, making everything take longer and more expensive than it needs to be. We buy equipment designed by committee. We put vehicles in storage for a failed emissions test. What you're seeing in this thread is mostly a bunch of very motivated people making the best out of a suboptimal situation. They could conduct "real combat operations" … for about ten days. Then they're well and truly out of ammunition and spares.

The situation's been improving, but at a glacial pace.
Since June 2023, the 2nd company of Panzerlehrbataillon 93 from Munster has been the core of the German part in the multinational battle group Slovakia. With its Leopard 2A6, the company secures NATO's eastern flank, trains the Slovakian allies on the Leopard 2A4 and, of course, exercises itself.




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