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Feb 29, 2004
Well what can i say, tonight i sat and watched a copy of Churchill the Hollywood years.

yes i know it was wrong to watch a "pirate" copy of this film, but i would never have even thought of entertaining this film in any form what so ever.

Why do you ask. well I for one are fed up with Hollywood always portraying Britain's roll in the war as second rate. IE:- if it wasn't for America Britain would be speaking German, America captured the first naval Enigma and when you can't get a German to play the bad guy get a Brit. (not having a go at the American people in general just Hollywood's portrait of Britain and the British) anyway i digress i watched this film, and nearly wet myself with laughter it's the funnest film i have seen in age's.

Cristian Slater who plays Winston Churchill, is a roll to die for.
and Neve Campbell as QE II is stunning :) .

this film will not win awards from the Royal Family but from me it gets a 5*

as i say at the beginning i watched a copy but now i am going out tomorrow look for a legitimate DVD version of this film.

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