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Oct 29, 2009
Good evening Gents,
another Artillery Quiz for you,

Q1 How heavy is a HE shell with fuze for the 175mm Gun?
Q2 what is a Desert Budgie?
Q3 who has this nickname "Crack Track Flak" & who gave them this nickname?
Q4 when was the rank of bombardier introduced in to the Artillery & so named because?
Q5 what was the "Corporal"?
Q6 What was a M40?
Q7 what is the road range of a M110A2?
Q8 what is its fuel capacity in litres?
Q9 what is the engine type fitted to a M110A2?
Q10 what was a "Pheasant"?

This is all Artillery so bombardier should have no probs!

Niallmhor sal;
ah lets see,
200lbs nope 145lbs &4ozssal;
ref your Email it is in hand & hopefully you should get before Chrimbo

Answers to Quiz

Hi guys,

I shall post the answers to my British Army Artillery Quiz soon, as I hate to see people have a hard time trying to answer this Quiz:confused:.

Well, I guess I'm more than a little confused... seems to me, when I went through Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, they were phasing out the 175mm Gun, for the shorter tubed 8 Inch Howitzer, whose fused projectiles weighed 200 pounds. Didn't the two artillery pieces above fire the same sized shells??
Hi GunbunnyinaMABsal;
The 175mm is about the 7.2 inch mark so if you put a 175mm shell into a 8 inch tube & fired, all that you would get would be flame & smoke from the charge, the shell would stay in the breech. not my idea of fun on a gun position!

Oh well, I learn something new every day. The only problem is that I also forget something old every day as well...
Answers to Quiz

Hi Guys sal;!

The answers to the Artillery Quiz

2) Desert hawk is a British unmanned Aerial vehicle.
3) 11 Sphinx Battery RA by there BC(Battery Commander)
4) 1686 As he was trained to use motar's
5) a Medium Missile System that was replaced by Honest John
6) 155mm SP Gun
7) The road range for a M110A2 is 725 Km
8) The fuel capacity is 1,137 ltrs
9) The type of engine fitted to the M110A2 is GMC Model 8v7t Detroit Diesel
10) 17 pdr Anti-tank gun mounted on a 25 pdr gun carriage

Thats all the answers

Old school artillery quiz, u.s.army style!!

OK, it's been 5 months since the last quiz, so I feel it's time for a new quiz, U.S.Army style: Old School Style:

1. What is the maximum effective firing range of an M16A1 rifle?
2. What is the weight of a circa 1978 155mm Howitzer HE Round, in lbs.?
3. What is the weight of a circa 1978 8 Inch Howitzer HE Round, in lbs.?
4. What are the two colors of powder charges used by the U.S.Army Field Artillery in 1978, (self-propelled units only, please)?
5. What tracked vehicle was utilized by U.S.Army self-propelled field artillery units to supplement Gun ammunition in Germany in 1978?

I realize it's only a short quiz, but given the attention span of some of our members, I didn't want to take a chance on losing any of them...

Hi GunBunnie,

1) 800m( with tail wind)
4)Green & Brown (with a touch sand)

Hi GunBunnie,

1) 800m( with tail wind)
4)Green & Brown (with a touch sand)


Well, you got 2, 3, and 5 right.

1. 460 meters (maximum EFFECTIVE range). They drilled that one into our heads with push-ups in the chow line.
4. Green and White Bag. Hey, I oughtta' know, I personally loaded and unloaded hundreds of containers in the Ammo Section.

Next time I'll post a Thread for all to see.



Heres one.

1: What 155mm artillery gun has the longest accurate range?
2: What is said range? (Metric if at all possible)
3: Where was this gun developed and manufactured?

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