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Jul 11, 2004
Battle of Britain hero statue will stand in Trafalgar Square
Battle of Britain hero Sir Keith Park will be honoured with the erection of two statues.

Artist's impression of a scale model of a statue of Battle of Britain hero Sir Keith Park on a Trafalgar Square plinth PA Memorials of Air Chief Marshal Park will be placed at Trafalgar Square and Waterloo Place in London.

Westminster City Council officials decided it was right to recognise the contribution of Sir Keith in defending London during World War Two.

In the autumn, a permanent bronze statue standing 2.78m tall will be placed in Waterloo Place, while a 5m high fibre glass sculpture will be situated on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square for six months.

It had previously been feared the temporary statue would be rejected for not being "contemporary" enough after a report by planning officials was released.

Councillor Alastair Moss, chairman of the planning and city development committee, said: "I feel it is important that we recognise the huge contribution Sir Keith made in helping to defend Britain, and in particular the capital, from the Nazis during our darkest hour.

"Waterloo Place is already the proud home to a number of statues of heroic figures and it is fitting that the Sir Keith Park Memorial will soon stand alongside such luminaries as Scott of the Antarctic and Florence Nightingale."

Sculptor Les Johnson said he was trying to capture the man at the moment he prepared to meet the challenge of enemy aircraft, pulling on his gloves and looking resolutely at the sky.

Mr Moss added: "The aim is to make art, be it modern or traditional, accessible to a wide audience and the statue of Sir Keith Park will resonate with people across the globe."

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