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Jan 21, 2002
Good day to you all

I want to stress to every member that personal abuse in any form or the blatant attacks against a members country of origin will not be tolerated here. I would encourage all to report such matters using the 'report' link situated with every single post here at Mi.Net.

In relation to Photo threads I would also stress that is what they are, they are not intended to be political and anybody not treating them with the respect they deserve will be dealt with.

If you have an opinion create your own thread (suitably titled), we the admin and mods will decided if it is appropriate and should the thread start to go bandit we will either block further posts or delete it entirely. So don't go creating BS threads just so you can slag somebody off personally, your posts should be measured and provide evidence to support your belief or knowledge of the subject.

We are primarily a military photo community so those threads will be protected vigorously from would be abusers.

Bombardier OUT! now have a good day :)
We had indeed some issues about a tiny minority of users starting political debates into military photos threads. I, BravoZulu and Bombardier always gave friendly reminders to keep them on track. The Iranian/IRGC one comes to mind. Our users and community mostly take those reminders as adults and move on which is appreciated.

We do tolerate some heated debates, as long as free of insults, ad hominems and derailing threads in question.

Moderation and « authority » has never been popular, but I assure you all that we’re doing our best and are not biased in any way. I had to personally pull the trigger on a certain Canadian anti-Trump member because he went on bizarre, insulting rants against our members.

It’s not about ideology or what you stand for. If you love and support Biden and are capable to debate our right-wingers members, they will happily challenge you in a civil manner.

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