main battle tank



    Taken at Botany Bay , Lancashire, England.
  2. Russian Tanks in Poland

    Russian Tanks in Poland

    Russian Tanks in Poland 1945. I do not know where this is, perhaps you could identify the place polar?
  3. Anti Tank Ditches Moscow

    Anti Tank Ditches Moscow

    Anti Tank Ditches Moscow 1941,WW2
  4. Tank


    Tank on laager perimeter in Cambodia.
  5. abrams tank rounds

    abrams tank rounds

    Left the heat round (High Explosive Anti Tank) Right the APFSDS Round (Armour Peacing Fin Stabilised discarding Sabot)
  6. Tzar Tank

    Tzar Tank

  7. Tzar Tank

    Tzar Tank

  8. IS-2 heavy tank

    IS-2 heavy tank

    Right front view of a Soviet IS-2 heavy tank equipped with additional external fuel tanks and a 122mm gun on display on the grounds of the Memorial Complex of the Ukrainian state. Location: KIEV, U.S.S.R. (SUN) Date Shot: 20 SEP 1985Camera Operator: DON S. MONTGOMERY, USN (RET.) Defense...
  9. M48 MBT

    M48 MBT

    An M48 main battle tank changes position during Exercise TEAM SPIRIT 84. Location: REPUBLIC OF KOREA (ROK) description and photo from Defense Visual Information Center Date Shot: 21 MAR 1984Camera Operator: SPC LONG
  10. Chieftain Main Battle Tank

    Chieftain Main Battle Tank

    This is another image of the retired Chieftain tank, built and employed by the British Army,It has now been replaced by the Challenger MBT
  11. Vickers E jw

    Vickers E jw

    The Polish Vickers E tanks on a parade. This photo is probably in 1937 (I can not say, if this is original colour, or colorized photo).
  12. Vickers E dw

    Vickers E dw

    The Polish twin-turret Vickers E in an initial configuration.The tank is early camouflage, so-called the "Japanese-style". This type camouflage was painting by 1932-36.
  13. Polish tank 7 TP

    Polish tank 7 TP

    This is photos polish tank 7 TP. Date (propably)august 1939. 7TP tank was Polish developement of Vickers Mk.E tank licence. Only 132 were produced, plus 4 iron prototypes. Of those, 24 were early twin turret version.
  14. MBT 70

    MBT 70

    Never reaching production this tank is the result of a failed venture between the USA and Germany
  15. M3 Stuart Tank

    M3 Stuart Tank

    This is an M3 Stuart with the British 8th Army in Libya
  16. M41 Main Battle Tank

    M41 Main Battle Tank

    The M41 was developed from the T37 series of light tank design that were to replace the Chaffee following World War II. While the M41 was highly manueverable, reasonably potent, simple to operate, and effective in combat, it also used fuel at an alarming rate and was extremely noisy. Its main...
  17. Carro Armato M13/40 Medium Battle Tank

    Carro Armato M13/40 Medium Battle Tank

    Made by Fiat Italy
  18. Chieftan Main Battle Tank

    Chieftan Main Battle Tank

    British Main Battle Tank which has now been retired and replaced by the Challenger Main Battle Tank.
  19. Centurion Mk3

    Centurion Mk3

    Built by the British and the predecessor of the Chieftan Main Battle Tank.
  20. Vickers Medium Tank

    Vickers Medium Tank

    Built by vickers and employed by the British.More info please