Polish tank 7 TP


Polish tank 7 TP

This is photos polish tank 7 TP. Date (propably)august 1939. 7TP tank was Polish developement of Vickers Mk.E tank licence. Only 132 were produced, plus 4 iron prototypes. Of those, 24 were early twin turret version.

What a great photo, do you have any more information about the tank.
e.g specifications = armour thickness,barrel calibre etc? :)
The Tank was armament with 37mm wz.37 Bofors L/45 gun and 7.92mm wz.30 TMG (or two 7.92mm wz.30 TMG's in twin turret variant). Crew 3 men. Combat weight 9,900 kg. Max. road speed 37 km/h (23 mph). Road/terrain range 160/130 km. Armor 5-17 mm. 7TP tanks were used in the 1st and the 2nd Light Tank Battalions; and also in two improvised Warsaw Defence HQ Light Tank Compannies in september 1939.
hi i need to know more about the 7TP Tank

i'm not sure what would happen when the weapons of 1939 attacked it,
for example what what happen if a anti tank gun fired at it, would it penetrate it, and set it on fire or just penetrate it. i need to know fascinateing ways in which to destroy a 7TP Tank for my novel which is set in 1888 and i'm useing a 7TP Tank in the book because it was the first tank with a periscope.



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