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Feb 29, 2004
just to ask how & why you selected your user name.

mine is because i used to work with a short range reconnaissance aircraft called the Drone.
Mine is because I was one and I like the sound of it too army;
Mine is for my former callsign in the military, Eagle 36.
Mine in just came to me in my head, later I found out that it is a form of food that's eaten at a Jewish passover.
Mine is because it's what I used to do, reloading my own cartridges, when my hobby was pistol shooting, before it was banned in the U.K. uzi,

I chose my username because I love wolves of all kinds.
mine is becouse i work on the railways,and did a lot of trackbashing when i was serving..
Mine is from an old South African slang term for off roading:
Bundu is open bush and bashing is making your own path, giving you Bundu Bashing as forcing your own path through are of bush with no paths.

In the miltary, I used to 'bundu bash' with AFV's and Tanks in Angola, and in the years there-after, my favourite past time was doing the same on an off road motorbike in Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa.

Probably also refers to my line of thinking - allways off track! :rolleyes:
My favorite off-road vehicle

I've just had ADMIN change my username from sa-soldier (South African soldier) to Ratel, because SA is better acquainted to other units, like the Nazi "sturmabteilung" for example.

The Ratel 20 is a homegrown South African 6x6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, tried and tested in combat against Cuban forces in Angola in the 1980's.

My signature displays the Ratel 20 with our unit insignia, 1 SAI and 61 Mech
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SA-Soldier, I failed.

SA-Soldier said:
I was conscripted into the 1st South African Infantry Battalion in 1988.

When I saw Your user name a few minutes before, I thought "Is this soldier of Soviet Army?". I was surprised when I read SA - South African. :). Sorry, I was stupid but soldiers (I'm not sure about NCO's or Officers) of Soviet Army had got letters CA (CA in Cyryllic alphabet means SA) on theirs shoulder-straps. I saw many of them late 80's when they stationed in Poland.
my username

rbo; Wow, I'm definantly inexperienced. I'm in AJROTC at my high school in the U.S. My rank is cadet 2nd Lieutenant Cody D. Mayberry so when I would try to save games on my PS2 I couldn't use my rank and my full last name so I came up with Spanky McGee for the Tony Hawk skateboarding name. So when I save games on Medal of Honor I use Lt. McGee. Plus I like the last name McGee.solthum

My father is to blame. Years ago there was a popular TV series called The NightStalker. It was about a washed up news reporter who reported on strange happenings mostly at night. I enjoyed the show and the unkown. I mostly worked nights and when off I would stay on my routine. I have always enjoyed the night ,I felt as if I might miss some magical happenings . I would go backpack camping, fishing or hunting all night then watch the sunrise, it was special. I had several friends who were Special Forces, so I got involved in alot of night maneuvers and ambush tactics. Eventually I would worked 16 1\2 years in a printing plant, 13 years on 3rd shift and half of that in a camera darkroom equipped with red safelights. This is when I became a creature of the night. My dad knew guys I worked with and they talked about me being a night owl, and my dad corrected them that I had worked as a night crew stocker and I was a Night Stocker not a night owl. Loose translation: NIGHT STALKER..... Now after 2 major injuries and 1 surgery I find sleeping sometimes down right painful , I can't sleep laying down so thank God for recliners. I feel that I am going to miss something so why sleep. I burn alot of midnight oil , so Remember when you are alone and you hear a bump in the night, it could very well be me the .....NIGHTSTALKER reading up on history.
Im in the military and it sucks when ther is no war or conflict. Its like working on computers for a living but never turning one on, also I think talk is cheap i'm real blunt and over the years I have found that diplomacy never really works but militray efforts usally do
Mine was my dads nr in the army...or in the commando's.

he used to teach me the phonetic alphabet and when i got dat down pat and drove him mad with questions i guess he taught me his nr...He have passed away in 82 in ops yahoo. Working with 61Mech. Its 26 yrs later and i still know it from the top of my head.


Airborne . Ex 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment . 1960 - 1966

My UN was given to me when I was going through my prospect time for the VIET NAM VETS M/C. It's sort of a basic training and moves into advanced training to see if you are the right kind of man to be a member of the club. Almost everyone has a "ROAD NAME", some come with one and keep it some are given it and some change it.

However, I was finally given the name BRASSO by the members of my chapter since no matter what the weather was like or how long we traveled or in any circumstance I would always have my M/C immaculate and I also kept myself as clean an orderly as possible......hell I had 6 months left before I retired from the Army and had just spent almost 14 years traveling the world in Spec Ops unit....I was a Strac troop and it carried over.

There is not another man in the entire organization named BRASSO but me (not yet) since many , many names are used by a lot of the brothers even though there the same name. Also I have never slacked up from trying to maintain high standards not only in appearance but in the jobs I had and my dedication to the club has been un wavering,,,,

My user name means a lot to me. Any Marine in the infantry is, or was back in my war, referred to as an 03. The MOS or military occupation speciality for infantry in the USMC was in my case 0311 or basic rifleman. Not very glamourous but we shortened it to grunt or 03 mother-f**ker. Fox is short for my company, Foxtrot and 2/1 is how we Marines refer to our Battalion and Regiment. 2/1 means 2nd Battalion of the 1st Marine Regiment of the 1st Marine Division of course. We would just say 2/1 or 2nd Bat. of the 1st Marines.
Mine is my first name. It is a old family name that goes back centuries.

Reloader, that is what I have been doing this week reloading a bunch of .223 and .308.
Well Panzer Bob, because I'm a bit of a WWII Armour Buff in particular Panzerwaffe. As well as WWII History and Gaming (Steel Panthers) and Military and General History. Bob because I'm Bob.
Mine is my first name. It is a old family name that goes back centuries.

Reloader, that is what I have been doing this week reloading a bunch of .223 and .308.

Please stop teasing me!!! I really miss it and all of my friends at the club. I could have gone on to shoot airguns or clay-pigeons, but I was so hacked off about it all, I just gave it all up completely. gsling2;gsling;
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