Photos The war in Laos & Cambodia.

During a counterattack by the 3rd BPVN in the fierce street fighting of Na Pho, a paratrooper armed with a MAS 36 CR 39 folding stock rifle captured a German Mauser Karabiner 98K rifle, equipped with its bayonet, equipping the "bô dôï" ( soldier of the Viet-Minh regular troops) of the 325th VM Division (Daï Doan 325). On the left, a paratrooper and his FM 24/29, on the right the legs of the dead Viet-Minh.

Vietnamese paratroopers of the 3e BPVN (3ème Bataillon de Parachutistes Viêtnamiens, nicknamed "bawouans"), under the command of Chef de bataillon Mollo, engaged in heavy fighting in Laos, at the outpost of Banh-Hine-Siu and in the village of Na Pho from 5 to 9 January 1954, against elements of the 325th Viet Minh Division.
CIA Paramilitary Officer George Washington Bacon III deep in the jungle with an XM177E2 during the secret war in Laos. Green Beret (18D), MACV-SOG operator, fluent in Vietnamese, Bru, Mandarin languages, and CIA’s Intelligence Star recipient. KIA in an ambush in Angola, 1976