Photos The war in Laos & Cambodia.

Hmong soldiers, totaling over 30,000 men, fought the ground war, flew combat missions, directed air strikes, rescued downed American flyers, fought behind enemy lines, gathered intelligence on the movements of North Vietnamese troops and more. Members of the Royal Laotian Air Force are now memorialized at the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin in Sheboygan Falls. Their bravery and dedication will not be forgotten.
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Original descriptions and photos sourced by the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin


Tim McKeown, a T-28 instructor pilot for the U.S. Air Force who taught Hmong pilots to fly missions in northern Laos in 1973, stands next to one of his students, Ya Lee. – Image credit: Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin


Koua Xiong flew 2,562 combat missions over Laos in a T-28 propeller-plane during the Vietnam War. He later immigrated to America with his family and will attend Saturday s dedication of a memorial to Hmong pilots with a restored T-28 at the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin in Sheboygan Falls. Credit: Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin


Tou Xiong Lee next to a T-28 aircraft shortly before he died in a crash. Photo courtesy of Chianaw Lee


Volunteer Al Schafer (back) and Jon Helminiak, executive director of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin, place a plaque dedicated to Hmong veteran aviators next to the insignia of the Royal Laotian Air Force on a T-28 plane used to train Hmong pilots during the Vietnam War. – Image credit: Mark Hoffma
Two members of an US helicopter recovery team turn their backs to the biting dust kicked up as a Huey Slick hoists a Lon helicopter from Laotian soil for the trip back to Vietnam. The light observation helicopter was downed near by AA fire. Operation Lam Son 719 - 1971
why us,gov,military,cia not send a-1,f-86 in laos better T-28!
why us,gov,military,cia not send a-1,f-86 in laos better T-28!
simple reason , the lao lack the capable to operate jet and more complex plane like a1 . btw fun fact Vietnam airforce first plane kill was achive by a T28 defect from lao airforce , shoting down a cargo plane carry infiltrator from south Vietnam , another t28 pilot by a thai pilot some how land in northern Vietnam and the pilot manage to flee back to lao , which help our t28 operate for quite awhile by using part from the thai t28 plane
callsign in Laos war
LS=Lima Site
Sky123=cia logistic in Laos
NeyThep(leader Thep),Thep 333=LT.Gen.Vitun Yasawad,leader of Thai mercenary by command 333 in Thai
command 333=leader command all B.C.6XX in Laos
B.C.6XX=Battalion Commando,Thai mercenary 36 Combat Battalions+2 Air defend Battalions? in Laos
SeuPhran(Tiger Hunter)=Thai mercenary

T-34 in Laos civil war era
this web about Laos sends 30 T-34 good conditions for free to Russia!with deal T-72 and Yak-130!

FB group of Thai mercenary in Laos
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a special force of Mhong's Wangpao Army,Special Gullilla Unit (SGU),use AK!
These photos appear to show Pathet Lao troops. The second picture amazes me: where/when was it taken? Who is the woman in Western dress? What is her nationality? Why does she seem so comfortable next to a soldier (again, very possibly Pathet Lao)? What were the circumstances of this photo? Questions that may likely never be answered, but . . .