Article The Truth About The Ammo Shortage


Mi Colonel
MI.Net Member
Apr 18, 2019
I’ve always said, when ammo shortages affect reloaders, the rest of us are in trouble. Not only have reloaders been affected due to the lack of primers but it has been happening for months. Then there are the majority of us who purchase ammunition at our local gun store or online sites. The $10 box of 9mm is history. We now see that same box selling for over $50. What the hell is going on?

Picked up my new air rifle a few days a go, another customer was talking about an American brand pistol he was interested in. The owner replied that they hadn't been able to get pistols out of the US to Australia for six months and won't be able to for at least another six months. Getting ammo hasn't been too bad since we have a good mix of euro stuff but there has been a decent price increase.
I went to grab some more .22 the other day. No problem with .22 stock (although the price was up about 20% over normal) and most caliber's seemed to have plenty out on display. Except for pistol caliber stuff. Couldn't see any 9mm anywhere. Didn't ask because I don't have anything that uses it though.

It also looked to me like a higher proportion of the ammo on display was from Australia and European (espc. Czech) sources.
Paid 85 cents a round the other day, nearly double what it was the last time I purchased the Israeli brand NATO 5.56 ammo I use.
Got to admit I didn't look at the prices for 5.56, just the availability. I still have several thousand rounds left from when I owned an AR and since my only 5.56 rifle left is a bolt action, I'm not thinking about restocking for quite some time to come.
Unfortunately, the situation at gun stores in my county is about the same. It can be hard to find ammo for the caliber you want. One store doesn't have what you need, the second store does but doesn't have what the first store had, and the third store is empty. I try to buy ammunition with a small supply to have enough, and others can buy it for themselves. It's just frustrating when it's hunting season, and you don't have ammo. The ammo counters are empty at times like this. And the prices are disgustingly high, too. Lately, I've been buying ammo online. In particular, I buy through PMC ammo sites. They are my favorite. I usually use for this. They usually have a great selection, but I go to other sites in case of need.