Question? Ammo


Mi Colonel
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Apr 18, 2019
Hey guys, I lost my Pop a while ago. I got a number of firearms from that. Now, I have added some hunting guns, shotguns, and handguns, others. These are guns that we shot when I was a kid, from single digits till am teens. My question is that now that I have an [amount] of ammo. Most of it is from 35 to 40 years old. I have read that it should be good. Any guys here that are experienced in this? It is a nice amount of ammo (and firearms}, just curious if it is safe to fire, and would you use it if your life depended on it, sorry for the lack of details and scope, just asking, Thank you in advance.
I've fired 30 year old mil ammo in mil weapons. Higher than normal failure rate. It had been stored in ideal conditions.

We were test firing weapons post maint so it had to be used up.

I couldn't comment on the quality of civilian ammo.
I’d agree. Most likely there will be more misfires/failure to fire. For plinking it should be fine.