Question? The old new. Have much to share. Copyright rules here?


Mi Corporal
MI.Net Member
Nov 13, 2019
I've mostly been wanting to share since I found you guys once again. So far, I've been trying to post military art that qualifies as "Fair-Use" in copyright law. Had some school courses to inform what is right and what is wrong since MP.Net. Just would like to know how things work here, and not doom moderators like Hood with problems they don't need. Either way, I will comply.
We accept fair use here, it is best to use copyright free (public domain) or images with a creative commons licence however as we are not a commercial website images used in a 'Fair Use' way are being shared for discussion and educational purposes, so thats fine.

If however we receive any complaints from persons who can show that they are the true owners of copyright and do not wish to continue our use of the image, we will take them down.

If you are posting images that you are aware may be copyright to another, ensure (where you can) that you credit the owner properly and provide a link to the source.Hope this helps :)
Thanks Bombardier! These days I do my best to at least credit the owner. Reverse Google image-search is something we really didn't have at, but it has come in handy for such needs here.

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