Politics The Mueller Comedy Show .

colin traveller

Mi Field Marshall
MI.Net Member
Mar 8, 2018
Without doubt thee most farcical hearing . I have ever seen .

How in the actually chuff could someone of umpteen years experience ...

Not even have basic knowledge of what was written in his ghost written report . Truly cringeworthy and pathetic to witness.
And the Dems to still persist with hounding a Sitting President .

It is bullying on a political level that is getting way out of hand . And they are still seeking to remove him without sanctioning a Hit. I do suspect that plan may already be in the pipeline .

If i was a leader and haters orchestrated such Bs . My response would swift and to the point .ii would execute them by Crocodile...

Barr needs to start handing out the warrants and Trump needs to sue Media and papers for there lies and being co conspirators in there quest to Remove Trump from office
Graph line support for Trump peccadillo impeachment is pointing to boredom. They have run out of strippers.
That was a concerning and painful hearing to watch.

But in the end it didn't change anything.

Reps are staying on their positions.
Dems are staying on their positions.

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