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Israeli border police tactical undercover unit "YAMAS" operators in the Gaza-Israel barrier , 2021

Yamas is a special forces counter-terrorist unit attached to the Israeli border police, but directly subordinate to Shin bet . A secret unit, known for its undercover counter-terrorist operations conducted in civilian Arab disguise within Arab territories. Its basic purpose is to deal with disturbances, demonstrations and neutralize the agitating factors, as well as to make harsh arrests in the heart of a hostile Arab population. Its uniqueness is the activity that takes place when the unit's fighters are disguised as Arabs. Its personnel do not wear uniforms and are not allowed to disclose their membership of the organization.
GIGN participated in a dynamic demonstration for the benefit of IHEDN, CHEM and EDG.
IDHEDN = Institut des Hautes études de la Défense Nationale (Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence)
CHEM = Centre des Hautes Etudes Militaire (Centre for Advanced Military Studies)
EDG = Ecole De Guerre (Warfare School - for upper rank officers)

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