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Willem P. Bos

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Jan 5, 2016
Hello dear members of MilitaryImages.
My name is Willem P. Bos, retired for 15 years after 35 years in the Dutch Air Force.
The first 4 years I worked in the army as Centurion mechanic but then I saw the light.
After a switch to the airforce I became crewchief (technician) on the Alouette III helicopter and for 18 years I had a lot of fun in 298 Squadron.
After promotion to Sergeant-Major I worked on Alouette and Bolkow 105 helicopters as Dockchief in O&M squadron.
Then the project-office for introduction of Chinook and Cougar helicopters started and that kept me busy for the next 6 years.
Last 5 years I served with 300 Squadron as debriefer and HUMS operator.
During all those years I made lots of photo's and since my retirement I collect everything over military vehicles.
Hope to share it with you,

(as a former cavalry memeber this became my nickname after my switch to the airforce)
Welcome to Mi.Net Willem
Looking forward to seeing all your photos, if you need any help uploading them to a forum post, Gallery Category or Album please let me know.
Hello Willem and welcome to the site ;)

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