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Jun 8, 2024
Tried to join the US Army in the late 80s....eyesight failed the physical, so I have since lived vicariously through the uniforms, gear, guns and tales of those who have actually been there and done that.
Avid collector of militaria, with an emphasis on camo and the Warsaw Pact. This site has been a great source of info and photos to reference.
Also hoping to perhaps connect with members, particularly in Europe, who may be able to assist me in sourcing some hard-to-get items for the collection.


US Army 1990-2011.

If you didn't have eye issues and made a career of it then you would been a part of the transitioning from analog to digital. I won't mention the BS parts though, after being transferred from active duty to the the US Army Reserve Inactive Duty Roster I no longer care about the BS that goes on.

You would also have been a part of that as well where we went training to standard and not to time, to ttraining to time and lifting the standards. But that's a tangent in itself.

Been to OEF once and twice OIF.
US Army 1965 Nov - 1970 Nov

I was a visionary and in the end it was much worse than I could have imagined after I left. I was still old Army, all the cadre thru Basic and Infantry and Airborne were still WWII and Korean Veterans doing the training. There was no Day Room open until after duty hours, no beer dispensers and no women sleeping in the same barracks. As a matter of fact if you happen to walk in a WAC designated area you would be court martial ed. Fort Campbell had quite a large WAC area and it looked deserted. I had guard duty on a cold windy day in December, the sgt of the guard posted me and explained my path which was post streets. He pointed to the deserted area across the street and told me don't go across the street !!! I didn't go. I caught guard duty at Fort Ord walking around a finance building for 4 hours in winter. It was up on a high area of the post and over looked the pacific. I had on a field jacket with no liner and it was so cold with that wind howling in from the Pacific I crawled into a dumpster full of paper. They could have stolen the entire building and it wouldn't have mattered to me, they saw fit to not give me any 45 ammo. Must have been because of the cold wind and the SOTG also had to pull guard same place in the past. :D

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