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Norbert Pomeroy

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Aug 7, 2015
Hi all!

I've been posting this theme at forums seeking for experts in my problem or for a mere advice of knowing people. That's because I didn't succeed in solving it in official way.

My sister's husband is a Swedish career officer. He's been missed for more than four months. Just due to his fellow soldier returned back because of wound we could find out his current location. It turned out that my relative had been in a combat zone in the East of Ukraine. According this guy they fought together with a battle group of Ukrainian Army. During the battle he managed to get single-handed to Ukrainian gun lines. But he knows nothing about my relative's fate. He also says that as a rule for the avoidance of 'inconvenient' war prisoners the foreign squads are eliminated by friendly fire.

This information is much distressing. I posted about my situation at Swedish forums. The only answer I got by my e-mail was this,
Callings those phone numbers came to naught.

Please, help! My sister doesn't know if her husband is alive or if she could tell her little son that his Daddy is killed in battle as a hero. Meanwhile they don't receive either his wages or benefits of the widow of an officer killed on duty.

Any answer will be welcome. No matter if it would be a comment to this post, or a letter by e-mail, pomeroynorbert@gmail.com

Re-posting is also welcome.

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