Other Post Fires aboard aircraft carriers

I've been a member of a fire party a time or two myself...

From my sea stories...100% truth here!

Carriers have minor fires more often than you could imagine. At least 2 or three a week. Example, a fan room fire, trash can, vent fires, grease from the galley etc etc... Usually minor fires.

One time on the JFK I was ditty bopin' down the hangar deck probably heading to chow and I heard on the 1MC. "Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire in Hangar Bay two! Aircraft 101 is on fire! Away the Flying Squad away!" Guess who was withing 20 feet of aircraft 101?? Me! All I saw was sparks and smoke coming from the belly tank(I thought) on a VF-14 Phantom. actually what was on fire was the electrical connectors for that tank. The fire hoses were being dragged out by blue shirts. This first class grabbed me by the shoulder and told me to man that hose...Me and anyone else who was near by. Anyway some guys from VF-14 jet shop and ordies dropped that tank shoved it into the MED and put the fire out with an C0/2 extinguisher in no time flat. I'd say in less than two minutes. Awesome..

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