Dieppe Raid


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Apr 12, 2005
With each re-telling the accounts of this disaster just get worse and worse. This one is purely from the Canadian perspective - and after all, they suffered the greatest losses. It doesn't mention the much smaller but nevertheless hazardous Commando role.

Nor does it mention Churchill's evil bastardry in sacrificing a few thousand colonial troops in a purely token gesture just for Stalin's benefit. To prove it was too early to open the Second Front. It was a mission designed to fail using expendable colonial troops rather than the British Army.

The final sentence in the link re Montgomery will resonate - "Roberts didn’t have it in him to say, ‘Look Montgomery, you don’t know sheep s–t from dates and we won’t go.’”

The Second World War has a day of infamy, ones signifying the end of fighting in Europe and Asia, and of course June 6, 1944, D-Day, the most recognized of all. For Canadians, there’s another meaningful date, Aug. 19, 1942, a day seemingly without end, for its tragic unfolding remains a source of bewilderment and controversy. Even 70 years later, the true nature of the Dieppe Raid remains a mystery to most.​
The Canadian Broadcasting Company released a DVD of their TV series on Dieppe in 2002. The DVD included behind-the-scenes footage and various interviews and news stories that aired about the show in 1993 and 1994. Also included was a 1962 interview with both Lord Louis Mountbatten and John Hamilton Roberts, in which they discuss the key events of the raid, and the decisions they made surrounding this event.


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