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Politics Climate Hysteria Debunked Yet Again ....

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Wow. That‘s gonna drive some trucking companies and small companies that own trucks as a component of their business functions either out of state or out of business completely.
A real meltdown due to climate hysteria and good old reparations...

Forever Farming NZ has been forced to withdraw from its bid to buy Mangaohane Station, the 4800-hectare central North Island property for sale by international tender.
Forever Farming NZ was set up to lead development of a syndicate of investors to buy Mangaohane Station to keep it in livestock farming, rather than being planted in exotic forestry.
The farm is off the Taihape-Napier Rd northeast of Taihape and estimated to be worth $45 million.
But Forever Farming NZ spokesman Mike Barham said the withdrawal decision followed the revelation late last week the Information Memorandum prepared for the sale of the station did not include full disclosure of two important issues.
It has been revealed a claim on Mangaohane Station was lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal in late 2019 by a local Māori trust, a statement from Forever Farming NZ said.

The statement said the same trust also wanted to register an easement to formalise passage through Mangaohane Station to land it owned at the rear of the property, which was not accessible directly by road.
“To say I’m incredibly disappointed is an understatement, but we can’t proceed any further with our bid,” Barham said.
“These two developments, particularly the Waitangi Tribunal claim, add too much risk and uncertainty for a syndicate investment like we had planned and sadly, we’ll have to back away.”
He was confident Forever Farming NZ would have raised sufficient cash to buy Mangaohane Station.
“I’ve been stunned by the level of support from people from cities and towns right across the country and from within the farming community.
“We’ve got commitments for tens of millions of dollars from hundreds of people who believed in what we were doing.
“They will be gutted because they wanted to join with us in making a stand at Mangaohane to stop the slide of so much of our hill country into permanent forest for carbon.”
Barham met with members of the trust last weekend and said they wanted Mangaohane Station to remain a livestock farming business.
“I wish them well and hope they achieve the same outcome we wanted for Mangaohane.”

Moari are some of the biggest fans of community wrecking carbon farms. Can only hope that this ends without another farm doomed by trees.
Latest cyclone to hit the East coast of the North Island produced another wave of "slash". Consisting of tree debris created by logging crews then washed out of pine forest streams into rivers and the sea.
The judicial industrial complex is over joyed... More cases that they can sue little forestry companies for despite not requiring any mitigation by banning logging near streams, having corridors of no logging along the sides of the streams...which would greatly reduce productivity and increase costs..more inflation.
Only the last company they sued for half a million the crown legal expenses exceeded the fine...thus making it an unprofitable proposition for the tax payer, except leech society and their wigs... who cares... they got paid

Also in the vein of this thread these forests set up under subsidization from the greenies with their carbon credits...their starvation plan to turn horrible by their standards farms into trees is the direct cause for this.

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Our favorite alcoholic fetus syndrom poster girl is back:

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The follow on from the great green taxcindy forests...

Tairāwhiti Gisborne locals have launched a petition – already signed by more than 1300 people – seeking a raft of changes in the way forestry is carried out in the region, so destruction caused by storm events like Cyclone Hale can be avoided.
The petition has been organised by Mana Taiao Tairāwhiti – a group including farmers and horticulturalists, Māori landowners and conservation workers.
The petition calls on local and central government to do more to reduce erosion sediment and forestry slash from entering waterways.
Group member Hera Ngata-Gibson said what was occurring in the region was an “ecological disaster”.
I mean f-me on a building site you have to engineer all kinds of dams and spillways/drainage just to prevent getting fined for a small amount of soil spilling out of the site.
Here we are with cubic meters of soil and tree debris / slash courtesy of the greenies carbon plan all over the countryside every time it rains hard.
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Yep more work but at least its a productive way. They still need to sort out how much to give to the cow. It can reduce production. A Tasmanian farmer has been testing it, running trials all on his own initiative.
Hopefully the milk doesn't end up sea weed tasting with a hint of green. That would be seen as a massive win by the Climate religion
We all should have guessed...it is a cancer agent. But hey right. Add few batpangolin genes in it for good health
The carcinogenic part is no joke though.
One time in the USA there were hundreds of thousands (if not a million+) of Bison eating grass and farting away, I cant recall reading any reports of the damage they did to the climate of the period.
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Technically... "technically"... yes?

Nuclear war would create a nuclear winter and drastically reduce Humanity's carbon footprint. No more planes flying around, no more cars or trucks, no more pollution, etc...

In a sense, a nuclear war would be THE solution against global warming.
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