Brave or stupid?

If it were real footage mate I would say he was stupid not brave, however the footage is edited and the airman isnt on the run way.

The aircraft casts a shadow but the airman does not watch it closely and you will see what I mean. (Y)

Spectacular though
Hey, Bomber. I hate to tell ya this, but, he does cast a shadow. Watch as he walks away.hallucinathallucinathallucinat
Not the same shadow as the Aircraft though mate (Y)

You only see his shadow as he walks to the left of the central white line, if this were real he would be casting his shadow while he was stood on the line.
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I have to agree with Bombardier; no shadow when he's standing on the line. That camera man is pretty close; it rocks him pretty good. The airman is steady as a statue.
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Bomber and Frisco, DO YA WANTA BORROW MY GLASSES? I've got a friend sitting by my side. Ya wanta ask him? He's watched the video too. And in stop-motion. The shadows are there unless you're blind. kilt;hallucinathallucinathallucinathallucinat
Just had another look....a much closer look and I do see the shadow now.
That said I still dont believe its real because as Frisco says he does move when the plane passes over him but the camera does not ?
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I’m so please that I placed this clip on site. It as provoked more response than any other item on site in a long time. I was beginning to think that we had stopped talking to each other.

Has anyone got any good caption photos? They always brought out some good laughs.

I have an answer about the Camera Debacle; The cameraman was not an idiot, he shot the picture with a zoom lens!!! C'mon people, use your noogins!!!
Hi Benny and welcome to the site. Sorry about the broken link, but that was placed on the site 9 months ago and sometimes these links get taken off after a short time.

Yeah... after a certain amount of time, the links self terminate. If you really want to find it, go to and type in military bloopers... it's in there somewhere.