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Jul 10, 2016
What to do when it's a blizzard? I bought two model kits and jumped in. I haven't assembled any since I was in school, and that was... a very long time ago. There are so many faults with these I wouldn't know where to start, but I feel criticism will help me do a better job next time.

Shown here are a GAZ-AAA truck and Komintern artillery tractor, both pressed into German service. The truck is a Zvezda kit & they omit things... like locating pins. So I held parts of the cab together until the glue started to work. Since I haven't an air brush, weathering is incomplete. I also used a stencil for the German markings. I believe they are meant for air brush & not manual brush. Back to regular decals next kit.

Next will be a Russian BA-10 armored car. SW

gaz2 006 (1024x458).jpg
gaz2 012 (1024x683).jpg
gaz2 017 (1024x518).jpg
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Weather has still been cold & rainy so I did another. While very far from good, I learned a bit about weathering with this one. This is Tamiya's flak wagon kit, but I didn't like the quad 20 mount at all so I just finished the halftrack proper & hope to use it in a diorama.

The main thing I learned here? When it looks good, quit messing with it! ;) SW

halftrack1 015 (1024x482).jpg
halftrack1 016 (1024x858).jpg
halftrack1 017 (1024x517).jpg
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All are 1/35. Since I finished the FAMO, I built an L6/40. I meant to compose a diorama showing a damaged L6 being hauled in for fitters to salvage usable parts. In the final days of war in Tunisia, the DAK was desperately short of tanks. So short in fact, they would even cobble together an L6 from salvaged parts.

tank1 001 (1024x568).jpg

tank1 006 (1024x957).jpg

tank1 007 (1024x929).jpg

tank1 008 (1024x573).jpg
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