1. ao_sepia

    Question? why israel cancelled galil?

    used better than m-16 in desert,but israel cancelled,used in 80-90's,shortest in service.
  2. ao_sepia

    Question? real saudi sell 500merkava from israel?

    i saw news from my country?
  3. AAR Galileo

    Article Israeli YAMAM

    On a spring evening in late April, I traveled to a fortified compound in the Ayalon Valley between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The location is not identified on Waze, the Israeli-built navigation tool, and so, as far as my app-addled cabdriver was concerned, it does not exist. Then again, the same...
  4. BravoZulu

    Mil News Middle East Military News

    Saudi Arabia: The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Saudi Arabia of TOW 2B (BGM-71F-Series) missiles for an estimated cost of $670 million. The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has requested to purchase up 6,600 TOW 2B missiles and...
  5. IDF Magach 7A 2002

    IDF Magach 7A 2002

    IDF Magach 7A in Palestinian Territories 2002
  6. BrassMonkey

    Photos Israeli Defence Forces

    Here are some pictures of the IDF found on Flikr & posted by the IDF Here is a link to the creative commons licence allowing the use here for non commercial use. Here is a link to the IDF Photostream...
  7. Namer Armoured personnel carrier

    Namer Armoured personnel carrier

  8. Smiffy

    Photos Yom Kippur War

    The Yom Kippur War The Was a war fought by Israel and the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel in 1973 Most of the battles were fought in Arab areas with the exception of some isolated attacks in Israel. The war was started by the Coalition of Arab states when they...
  9. Merkava Mk III

    Merkava Mk III

  10. Apache LongBow

    Apache LongBow

    The Israeli Defense Force, IDF, Monday April 4, 2005, shows a US-made Apache Longbow helicopter at the Ramon Air Force base in southern Israel
  11. Saar 3

    Saar 3

    A starboard beam view of an Israeli Saar 3 Class fast attack craft, with visitors aboard. Three Gabriel surface-to-surface missile launch boxes are near the stern. Location: HAIFA, ISRAEL (ISR) Date Shot: 10 JUL 1988 photo and description from Defense Visual Information Center...
  12. F-15


    Israel F-15 in Poland. air meet festival Radom 2003. The picture is from this site Copyright this site is [Photos on this site are free for all non-commercial use unless my descriptions on the photos are not erased. Non-commercial use of these photos may be made...