indian army

  1. Knew MARAK.  Kip HOW.  Join MARAK.

    Knew MARAK. Kip HOW. Join MARAK.

  2. George Benjamin HODSON

    George Benjamin HODSON

  3. Sydney Seddon HEATH.  Thomas John BOWLER.  Daniel Matthias ISHMAEL.

    Sydney Seddon HEATH. Thomas John BOWLER. Daniel Matthias ISHMAEL.

  4. Indian Memorial

    Indian Memorial



  6. BrassMonkey

    Photos Indian soldiers Northwest frontier 1933-1935

    Indian soldiers are often forgotten however contributed a lot to "The Empire" and more importantly through both World wars. Hope we can honour them in some small way here. hope I get the use conditions right photos found on Flickr (National archives) tagged as "No known Copyright restrictions"...
  7. William PEARCE

    William PEARCE

    PEARCE, William. Gunner 271514, Indian Army Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery who died on the 1st October 1918 age 22. Son of Mrs. Emily Pearce, of 9, Stevens Gate, Wolverhampton. At rest in Wolverhampton Cemetery, Staffordshire.
  8. Indian Army T90 Main Battle Tank

    Indian Army T90 Main Battle Tank

  9. Harold Maximilian Burton (Max) DOLPHIN

    Harold Maximilian Burton (Max) DOLPHIN

  10. Charles John Gwynne Bird

    Charles John Gwynne Bird

  11. Webster Frederick Wilmot

    Webster Frederick Wilmot

    Dvr 2343591, Royal Signal Corps, attached to the 11th Indian Division Signals. Died in a Japanese Prison Camp in Japan 11th December 1943 aged 25. Son of Amos and Ethel Elizabeth of Breaston, Derbyshire Commemorated on a family memorial at St James churchyard cemetery, Shardlow, Derbyshire...
  12. modern


  13. Asgher Ali

    Asgher Ali

    Farrier 65635, 32 Mule Coy,Royal Indian Army Service Corps Died 13th September 1940aged 37. Son of Jaffar and Nanhi, of Fazalpur, Meerut of Derby, husband of Gladys Lillian Grundy, India; husband of Katto, of Fazalpur. Buried at Ashbourne Cemetery, Derbyshire
  14. Macleay brother's memorial

    Macleay brother's memorial

    Donald, Lieutenant 118437, 1st Field Regiment Royal Artillery killed in action 26th September 1941 age20. Commemorated at Ampney St Peter's church, Gloucestershire and is buried at El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt Lieutenant EC/4665, D Coy, 6th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers [Warson Horse]...
  15. T-90


  16. Arjun MBT

    Arjun MBT

  17. SA-8 Gecko (9K33) in Indian Army service

    SA-8 Gecko (9K33) in Indian Army service

  18. Indian Army Chetak

    Indian Army Chetak

    An Army Chetak [Z385] and Cheetah take-off from Yelahanka, during an air display at Aero India 2001.
  19. Indian Para Commandos

    Indian Para Commandos

    Posing for the camera is this section of Para Commandos, armed with everything from pistols to sub-machine guns to assault rifles and even the 84mm Carl Gustav anti-tank launcher!
  20. Indian Army Tunguska M1

    Indian Army Tunguska M1

    A pair of Tunguska M1 low-level air defence systems, at the 2001 Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. Four 9M111 Pantsyr S1 (SA-19) SAM launchers, along with a pair of 30mm anti-aircraft guns make up the Tanguska M1 ADS.