M50 Ontos (The Thing)


M50 Ontos (The Thing)

The Marines required a light TD weapon which could be landed by air or sea. To reduce weight, recoilless guns were used. Due to back blast, the guns were mounted outside the vehicle. Multiple guns were used to allow firing several shots before reloading. In 1963, the Ontos was completed mounting six 106mm recoilless rifles on a limited traverse turret. Two could be dismounted and fitted on tripods for ground use. Ontos was used in Vietnam and the Dominican Republic usually in a ground support role. Drawbacks
were the blast which disclosed its position and the need to reload in the open, Withdrawn and scrapped in 1970.

Armament: 6 - 106mm RCL R files M4QA1C
Armor: 13mm
Engine: Chrysler,V-8 petrol, 180 hp
Speed: 30 mph
Range: 150 miles
Crew : 3
Weight: 8.5 tons

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