Vietnam Tunnels


Vietnam Tunnels

To counter the immense technological advantage held by U.S. and allied forces during the Vietnam Conflict, the Viet Cong developed an extensive network of underground tunnel complexes. From these tunnels, which were concentrated mostly around Cu Chi but spread as far as the outskirts of Saigon, the enemy could effectively ambush American forces and then safely vanish underfoot. The tunnels became so highly developed that they eventually contained armories, hospitals, mess halls, manufacturing centers, and storage facilities. Some complexes ranged up to 40 miles long; the Cu Chi tunnel complex contained 130 miles of passageways.
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Yes - and some poor sods called 'Tunnel Rats' had to go into them and search them, armed only with a torch/flashlight and a .45! I remember years ago, reading the book, 'The Tunnels of Cu Chi' by Tom Mangold and there were this pair of guys called 'Rat Six & Batman' I think it was, who specialised in searching tunnels.
How crazy do you have to be to want to do that kind of work?
There were some good threads starting from some of Tom's pic posts on his trip back to 'Nam before we changed the site over. Don't know whether they're still there or not? Bomber, what say you?
Agreed, I have always been interested in Vietnam. The truth is what I seek and our friends tell it like it was.

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