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Sep 9, 2016
The Supermarine Attacker was the first jet fighter to enter squadron service with the Royal Navy.

The design was developed against Specification E.1/44, later modified to E.10/44, for a jet fighter with a laminar flow wing and a single jet engine. Supermarine married what was essentially the wing of the Spiteful to a new fuselage with bifurcated intakes feeding a Rolls-Royce Nene engine.

Although initially developed to an RAF requirement, the new design was ultimately developed for carrier service. To modern eyes, the type is unusual both for its unswept wing and tailwheel undercarriage (with twin tailwheels).

The first of three prototypes, Type392 TS409, was flown on 27 July1946. Production aircraft, to Specification E.1/45 featured a range of modifications, including revised fin and tailplane and increased internal fuel capacity and were designated the Type 398 Attacker F.1. A large external ventral fuel tank was introduced, along with an extended dorsal fin and folding wing tips.

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I have to say I had never hear of this aircraft nice thread mate and great pictures