Mil News Thousands of Poles moving to Britain to avoid national service


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Feb 29, 2004
Thousands of young Poles are moving to Britain to avoid being drafted
into their country's army.

All Polish men over 18 must serve nine months' national service.

But since Poland joined the EU in 2004 thousands have come to the UK to
get out of it.

Now Poland has ordered a crackdown on the draft-dodgers and they face up
to three years in jail if they return home.

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I am shocked that one million Poles have moved to Britain since 2004. Where are all of these people living and how does the British economy support them ? Are they contributing to the moral fabric of England ?
I have no problem with a draft dodger losing his citizenship. I only wish that that was the consequence here in America, but since it's not, we have to rely on our unenforced laws. I'm glad that Canada will no longer hide and protect Americans who flee from their military obligations, only to return later, as if nothing had happened. We currently have an all volunteer military, so to enlist with your eyes wide open, only to desert in time of war, is not only being a coward, but I consider it treason.
Semper Fi
How does the British economy support them ?

It's having a very hard time, welfare and the Nation Health Service are taking the biggest hits.
I also think this will one of the major issues along with defence at the next general election.