Warfare The Wireless to contact Cairo was a Radio-System-SCR-284-A, hidden in our home,


Yahia Al Shaer

The Wireless to contact Cairo
was a
Wireless Radio-System-SCR-284-A
hidden in our home,

The Egyptian Secret Service "Mokhabarat" , was succesful, in smuggling the Wireless Radio-System-SCR-284-A, to Port Said in order to receive the "daily "ORDERS from Cairo President Nasser Office and to send the daily reports about the "Secret Resistance" activities implemented in the city

This unit was hidden in my mother`s cloth cuubbord at our home, and was
maintained by "1st Lt Farag" from the "signals" unit of the Egyptian Armed Forces

He had to cypher and decyfer the reporets before sending them to Cairo.

A vocal contact was totally forbidden and was limited to Ämorse signalsÄ only

The British got indications of wireless signals being sent from the city , dispatched the "direction finders" cars, found the place ...

The Helicopter hovvered over our building .... a patrle of 5 persons began to search every appartment in the buildin ..... came in ours .... began to search ..... BUT ...... failed to find it because .......

A British Gemtleman officer faced an Egyptian lady ..... "my mother"

This is another story

Dr Yahia Al Shaer





Radio Set BC-654-A SCR-284-A Receiver and Transmitter
Year 1943
Radio set SCR-654-A is a combined Receiver and Transmitter, for operation in vehicle or on the ground.

For use in vehicle, cotton-web straps, D-ring loops are mounting brackets are included for convenient installation.

For ground operation, the necessary components may be grouped for a three man load.

Remote Control Unit RM-29-A provides flexible control over a two wire telephone line in various combinations.

Radio Set BC-654-A SCR-284-A Receiver and Transmitter

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Front Panel Detail [3]


Dr. Yahia Al Shaer