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Well I have only been on this site for 30 minutes and here I am giving away embarrasing dits.

Well it was February 92 and we were coming alongside in Miami for 6 days. Ah this is why I joined the Queens Royal Navy !!!!!! I thought a decent trip ashore. The weather was glorious and how I looked forward to getting ashore for my first visit to the US. No sight seeing for me just the anticipation of throwing that ale down my neck somewhere new and then sampling the spectacular views of the female kind......if I could still focus of course.

However first day alongside I found myself selected for that wonderfull duty of upper deck sentry. Walking around that frigate armed to the teeth with an SA 80 rifle. Oh what joy I thought, made to wear a combat jacket with the backdrop of a bloody grey warship. even though we seemed to have our own personal Miami PD with a car next to the ship on a daily basis.

It still makes me shudder to think we give sailors weapons !!! Especially given I worked with half of the dangerous ones who should of not been left in charge of the gangway never mind a weapon.

But anyway back to the story at hand, there I was strolling round on the foscal. Thats the front point of the ship for the non naval and have decided to read this. Well at the front of this particular vessel there was an emergency hatch which needless to say had been left open. So just picture the sailor with his weapon disappearing down the hole. SMASH yep, the butt of the weapon was obliterated but this weapon happen to save my neck and stopped me falling all the way down. leaving me suspended in the hatch half in and half out. IN BLOODY great pain having smashed my finger nail back into my finger with a glorious fountain of claret spouting out of it. The was a sailor no more than 3 metres away, his first reaction, get help I here no !!!!!!!! roll around laughing on the deck. It must of looked like something from a cartoon no doubt hilarious.

Well I was taken to the medics room onboard and had some of that fantastic laughing gas, as the Chief GI turned up with great concern for his weapon that I had destroyed. As for me I was taken to the US coastguard medic centre for treatment and was not allowed to stay away from the ship overnight given the injury, oh and cos the Petty Officer medic had already disembarked for his trip to Disneyland for a few days R and R.

Hope this brings a smile to those ex naval faces, and restores the belief that sailors should be armed.....NOT !!!!
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Hee Hee, good old military sense of humour. I think had I seen it that I might have laughed my balls off aswell. :mrgreen:
Great story buddy/
Wow, talk about your great adventure in America! Excellent post, buddy. lolb; lolb; lolb;
Welcome to the good ole USA. First impressions are everything.
Great story! So, did you ever get any shore leave before you sailed?
More! more! I want more. Good tale and ended up with a good medic. Well done. sal; army; coast;