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Lockheed F-16 AM Fighting Falcon
15107 Força Aérea Portuguesa ??

sn 93-0471

Spotter's day Real Thaw 2023

NRP Gago Coutinho F473
NRP Hermenegildo Capelo, F481
NRP "Roberto Ivens" F 482

"Ponta Delgada"
NRP Augusto Castilho F 484
cortesia Santos Pinto
Portuguese Police acting against foreign criminals, ilegal imigrants and gypsies

D. Francisco de Almeida sailing out for the first time after the instalation of VIGILE D on her mast, as far as I know. Maybe for some tests
Photo by Francisco Santos
Finland's first NATO maneuvers after becoming a member on 4Apr2023. On the left, his Purunpää minesweeper (41), a Sea Lynx heli from the German Navy, and on the right, the NRP Bartolomeu Dias (F333), from the Portuguese Navy. Gulf of Finland, 13Apr2023.

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NRP Gago Coutinho F473
NRP Hermenegildo Capelo, F481
NRP "Roberto Ivens" F 482
NRP Magalhães Corrêa F 474

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