Member of the Mexican Rural Defense Force, a gendarmerie originally established in 1861 to extinguish banditry in rural areas and inspired by Spain’s Guardia Civil. They occasionally still use the Mauser bolt action rifles.
Special Task Force (South Africa). The operator is firing an upgraded Vektor R5 carbine (Galil SAR), with a FAB Defense VFR-GA rail system and M4 buttstock, as well as a ACOG TA31.

The Special Task Force is the elite combat unit of the South African Police Service. They're the only true paramilitary organisation in the country. They are tasked with high risk situations, such as hostages, sieges, and high profile arrests. They also perform duties out of the scope of normal police such as counter-terrorism.

An armed policeman is seen in the village of Dubona near the town of Mladenovac, about 60 kilometres (37 miles) south of Serbia's capital Belgrade, on May 05, 2023.
A Special Operations Response Team (SORT) officer stands guard at the scene of a police involved shooting where they stopped a plot to assassinate the head of their organization by gang members. Trinidad and Tobago, San Juan. 2020 SORT has since become the National Operations Task Force.

Members of the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB), Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Port of Spain Task Force (PoSTF), Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and Emergency Response Patrol (ERP), patrolling hotspots in Beetham Gardens and Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago. 2021
Special services unit (USE) of the Peruvian national police during the day of protests in Lima, January 2023

Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) commandos outside Bihar Chief Minister Secretariat on the day of the 26th meeting of Eastern Zonal Council, in Patna City, Bihar State, India.

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