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TMBN CQB training








Norway is evaluating the K2 Black Panther or Leopard 2A7, for a decision in 2022. Both MBT's are heavier than the load limits on the Norwegian road system which the army has been requesting be upgraded for years
This is the South Korean offering, the K2NO
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Tests of South Korean K2NO tanks in Norway as part of the Norwegian tank tender. Video (c) Mogens Rasmus Mogensen
The Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO - four Nordic nations) have signed a joint framework agreement with the Norwegian supplier, Oskar Pedersen AS, for delivery of “The Nordic Combat Uniform System” (NCU).


Oskar Pedersen AS is the contractor and Layers AS the project manager. The manufacturing and technological partners of the system are: Siamidis SA – Lead technical solution, manufacturer of the combat, cold & wet weather layers, W.L Gore & Associates GmbH – GORE-TEX Brand Technology provider for the system, Aclima Wool Specialist Since 1939 & Woolpower – Wool underwear.
Home Guard soldiers from Rapid Reaction Force Derby during a training exercise, 2021

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