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Feb 29, 2004
just look at this new armour wow i'm impressed to say the least.

the link is a video so it may take a few min's to down load but it's very
I agree, a truly fantstic invention. But as per usual the powers that be would suggest that it is too expensive and a few lives lost, is only to be expected. :?
the thing is it's only $300 a square, so to line a landrover would cost no more than $5,000, cheap to say the least.
$5000 times how many landrovers?. Nope I dont see anybody at whitehall taking this on.
I sadly agree Bomber...it's all about the bottom line and i don't see Jeff Hoon shelling out for them. Pity, at the least it would be nice to see landrovers kitted out with one under each seat to afford the crew some protection from mines.
Hoon won't pay for standard stuff (and if he does agree, procurement gets the wrong stuff or loses it). It looks good - I wonder what'd happen if we put it up against Metal Storm on a million rounds a minute?! :shock:
I think I'll back the Metal Storm on that bet !